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I first joined MommyAbroad while still traveling abroad for a year, with my newborn baby. She was about 6 months old and up until that point, there really was no support for moms in Bratislava that I found, nor any similar group.

When my friend told me about this one starting up, I was eager to join. Immediately, I saw all the events planned and lots of topics up for a discussion. I was so happy that this group was so active and obviously highly needed for the expat mom community. So far I love MommyAbroad. There are events planned quite often which makes meeting with others very easy. There are many dates and activities to choose from. I also like the support I have got from moms with children around the age of my own. It makes a world of difference to have someone who understands to bounce ideas and parenting styles. You make lots of friends here. MommyAbroad is also amazing for information about things you’re looking for. For example, I know many of us were looking for a good chain to deliver bio produce to us but couldn’t find anything better than Tesco. So then Claudia found one and posted it for us all to use. Bratislava is a great and very cosy city but is hard knowing all the benefits of it without speaking the language. We support each other and share lots of useful tips and info.

♥ MommyAbroad in Bratislava ♥

Yana from U.S.

I have been living in Bratislava for 2,5 years now and my son is 4,5 months old. I was recommended this group by an expat friend of mine. My first meeting was when I was still pregnant, so this is one of the things I appreciate about it: you do not have to have kids yet to be part of it. I see a lot of advantages to being part, mainly related to socializing (for me and the baby as well, although he is still small) and also because I can learn tips and tricks from more experienced members (and from different cultures as well). I really like and appreciate the effort that Claudia is putting into keeping the group alive and its members interested, she is always posting useful things and organizes nice events for us.

♥ MommyAbroad in Bratislava ♥

Anca from Romania