DianaBad – a Waterpark in Vienna

DianaBad, the indoor Waterpark in Austria is located in Vienna’s heart, very close to the Old Town. More precisely, 80 km far from Bratislava.

It was one of our option for indoor swimming when we were looking to relax with our 15 month-old daughter, on a weather that didn’t really permitted many outdoor activities.

I chose this location because based on their website ,they seemed to be well equipped for both kids and parents.

Everyone knows that Bratislava is very well connected through their highways with Vienna, thus travelling to Vienna might be a nice journey, a matter of 45-60 minutes by car.

What worked for us:

♥ Is located in the city center;

♥ Has own underground parking place which is great. We don’t need to overdress our kids and go out in cold;

♥ They have really nice pool for babies and toddlers, 30 cm deep and is really warm. A pleasure to sit there and play with your small kids;

♥ Just next to the 30cm pool, there is a corner with two changing tables for babies;

♥ For bigger kids, they offer several attractions and pools. Kids there seemed to have a lot of fun riding tires through the 125 m slide, or playing around the colorful slides, water fountains or climbing frames;


♥ On the upper level there is a restaurant with a tiny but cute playground corner, tables for adults but also some small ones for little kids.

♥ Finally, for adults, next to the restaurant you will find entrance to sauna and massage area. It was really, really nice here. You will like it if you are a sauna fan but keep in mind that people are walking all naked and the light is not at all half dark. I think is good to know, especially if you are looking for saunas where swim suits are allowed.. They have a quite big range of saunas, massages and a great infusion plan:

  • SAUNA: infusion sauna, bio sauna, steam sauna, infrared cabin;
  • MASSAGE: classic massage, lymphatic drainage, acupuncture, foot reflexology, hot stone massage, healing massages, Hawaiian herbal massage, sound therapy and many others;
  • INFUSION PLAN: salt infusion, honey infusion, vitamin c infusion and many more;

Note: Please be aware that at a certain point in time,  all information above might be subject of change. We recommend you always check their website for updates.

What didn’t really worked for us:

♠ Changing room and cabins. Well, I was a bit surprised to find out that there is no division of changing rooms by “Ladies” and “Gents”… and cabins were tiny and sometimes queued;

♠ I couldn’t find any changing room or changing tables for babies (except the on existing in the pools perimeter) and it was a little disappointing when I had to change my 15 month-old daughter on my lap… BUT before leaving the place, I said myself: “NO is impossible that they have no changing room for babies! I’ll go around all this place, and check each corner!” Well, at the end I opened the changing cabin for people with disabilities and guess what?! there were two changing tables for babies, but still disappointing, as there were no signs to indicate it. So I had to guess it somehow. I would keep this detail in mind for next time!  Anyhow, now that I found out, I am glad that I can share it with you and I will be a happier customer next time, even though I would suggest them at least to indicate the changing room for babies, if not creating a special one;

♠ There are very few chances to buy from the reception slippers for your size. The floor is ok but there is a slippery area around the stairs that are leading to the restaurant.  So better do not forget at home your slippers, towels, bathrobes and other useful stuff.

♠ OK, about food. Many of us living in Bratislava are travelling to closest village in Austria to shop for food, because they are well known as selling very good quality food. Unfortunately is not the first time when I visit kids places in Austria, and when it comes to kids food menus I realized that, I have a large variety of fried dishes to choose from.  Fries and nuggets are offered everywhere, and almost no option for healthy food like grilled meat, grilled or steamed veggies and purees, and many others as these;


♠ I think the ticket was a little pricey but we can live with it, considering that we don’t go there weekly;

MommyAbroad overall feedback:

♥ It was a nice place and at the end we really enjoyed it. My daughter loved their warm pool and we loved the sauna area. We left the place happy and relaxed. Would be great if the changing cabins for babies would be indicated and there would be some healthier menus for kids.

Have you been to Dianabad? How do you like it? Tell us your feedback below in comments.

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