Things you need to do when you come back to work after parental leave

By Slovak legislation you can stay on parental leave until you child is 3 years old. In case of an unfavorable  health condition of a child, the parental leave can be prolonged till the age of 6.

You can stop your parental leave and come back to work anytime you want. Also note that once you are working, you can request a parental leave again anytime until your child is 3 years old. In this case the duration of parental leave should be at least one month.

If you decide to come back to work before your child is 3 years old, first you need to notify your employer about your intention. It’s recommended that you do it at least one month in advance. However this also depends on the flexibility of your employer, sometimes shorter notice is possible. Your employer will put you on payroll and report to the health and social insurance institutions as an active employee from the agreed date.

Please be aware that you also have some obligations after you end your parental leave. Most probably you will need to visit two institutions:

Let’t take one by one now:

Social Insurance Office/ Sociálna poisťovňa

Since during your parental leave the state is paying for your pension, you’ll need to cancel it once you are back to work. You do so by filling in a form called in Slovakia Registračný list fyzickej osoby. You can download it from the website of Social Insurance company.You can either send it by post, or in case you are not sure how to fill it in, you can visit their office and the clerks there will help you.

From my experience they are  very nice and understanding. You can find the address and opening hours of your local Social Insurance office here.

Labor Office/ Úrad práce

The next stop is Labor Office or Úrad práce in Slovak. This is not obligatory, however beneficial to you. There you can apply for a childcare payment in an amount up to 280 euros per month. You are entitled to this payment if you are working, your child is under 3 years old and goes to a private kindergarten or is taken care by a professional nanny. This payment will replace your parental payment of 203,2 euros.

To apply for the childcare payment you need to submit the form called in Slovak:  Žiadosť o príspevok na starostlivosť o dieťa, you can find it here.


Žiadosť o príspevok na starostlivosť o dieťa

I advise you just to check it and see what data is required, but don’t fill in a printed copy at home. You will be asked to do it again anyway in the Labor Office since they have this form printed in a special format paper.

You need to go to the Labor Office in person to submit your application and supporting documents. Once there, go to the first flour, office 226. The ladies there will give you additional forms to fill – don’t worry if you don’t understand something – just kindly ask them to help you.

You will need to submit the form of cancellation of your parental payment of  203,2 euros, and this can be done in the Labor Office as well. They will support with filling all paperwork requested.

The documents you need to submit to your application form:

  • Child birth certificate;
  • Confirmation from work stating the date when you came back from parental leave;
  • Contract with the kindergarten where the amount of monthly payment is clearly stated;
  • Your passport and residence permit card;

Please note that this is a general list, but depending on your particular case some other documents might be also requested.

I hope this information will make your come back to work as smooth as possible.


Please be aware that the information provided above is based on our personal experience and understanding. Information provided within this article is subject to change; therefore always check and follow the information provided by the official websites of the institutions or organisations as they are the only people authorized to provide you with specialized updates and guidance.

What’s your experience with these two institutions? Let’s debate this topic below in comments.

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