5 Baby Friendly Coffee Shops in Bratislava, Old Town

Most of Mommies are trying to spend as much time as possible on a fresh air: every day, despite any unfavorable weather conditions. This is good for baby’s health and some kind of physical activity for us.Babies are wrapped and covered safely and enjoy their midday nap in a warm cozy baby carriage.

But how about mommies? How they can hide from rain, wind and chilly winter temperatures ? At the end of the day this walk should be enjoyable for all participants.

So how to combine fresh air for baby and silent and comfortable atmosphere for Mom? For myself I found a very unusual solution – cafes with big “flor to ceiling” windows and a table next to it.

In Bratislava,  the Old City Center’s streets are narrow and cars are not allowed. there is no traffic that can bother your baby’s sleep.

So here I present you 5 nice places where you can spend quite minutes, warm up and “charge you batteries”.

♥ Urban House – on Laurinská Street

Urban House is a very specious and well-designed coffee house with a good breakfast menu and wide offer of unusual snacks and salads. Plus! since Jan 2017 they  offer several kinds of pizza, which are truly amazing . Super quality coffee served also with soy, rice or almond milk!


♥ 5 points – on the corner of Panská and Ventúrska Street

5 Points serves locally roasted “9 grams” coffee and delicious lunch menus for 5-6 euros.

They have a long line table at the window with the high bar chairs, so you’ll have a perfect view on your sleeping baby.

This street is popular in city tours so some curious tourists may wonder where is the “owner” of a carriage.


♥ Zeppelin on Hlavné Námestie / Sedlárska Street

Zeppelin offers unbelievable selection of cakes, tarts and cookies!!! Bonus system with free cake and coffee for regular clients. Plus lots of Slovak traditional toys and souvenirs.


 ♥ U Gulky on Židovská Street

Lately reconstructed,  Židovská street already attracted some entrepreneurs. A very calm pedestrian street with almost no tourist and a cozy little cafe – U Gulky – with absolutely stunning cakes – also on order for your special occasions.

As a bonus – a very stylish hair salon next to it, so if you come with friends or relatives, you can get your haircut while they are having coffee and watching after your baby.


 ♥ Fach on Ventúrska Street

Restaurant, bar, cafe, juice bar/shop and bakery – all under one roof, this is Fach! A modern interior and top quality of food and beverages – what else do we need?


So hurry up, mommies! Coffee is getting cold!

Now tell us about your favorite baby friendly coffee shop in Bratislava.

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