Nursery Rhymes Videos and Cartoons for Babies and Toddlers

We are not big fans of watching TV Channels, therefore TV in our house is mostly turned off. Our daughter was not really watching TV in her first year of life, just before turning 1, we allowed her to watch few times per week,  a trusted TV baby channel, for maximum 15 minutes per day.

I am really trying to keep her away from TV or phones at least until age of 2. Is not an easy task but luckily I was able to find good channels that offers very cute educational videos for both babies and toddlers with no violence nor advertising.

I can recommend the two channels for babies and toddlers that we use daily now – but still no longer than 30 minutes per day. I think the following providers creates the best nursery rhymes videos and baby cartoons, watch them with trust:

♥ Baby TV Channel: Duck TV


(recommended for Babies)

♥ Nursery rhymes videos for Babies and Toddlers: Little Baby Bum


(recommended for both Babies and Toddlers) – actually we fell in love with Little Baby Bum during the Christmas when I was looking to introduce Christmas to my daughter through some nice educational videos, and LBB so far provides the best range of such videos. Now all family is watching them with interest.

Hope your kids will enjoy Duck TV and Little Baby Bum!

Let us know your kid’s favorite videos or cartoon channels or the way you see kids watching videos on YouTube or on TV.

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