Touch Lock – Keep your phone safe in your toddler’s hands

I  do not encourage my daughter to use applications on phones or TV channels. Very rarely she is watching online rhymes videos, baby cartoons channels – I prefer to keep them as a last “static-activities” solution – or sometimes we are having video conferences on Skype, with our families or relatives.

Even though I am doing my best to keep her away from these electronic devices, sometimes she puts monopoly on my phone. I had to think and check around for a solution on how can I protect my data because many times happened that my little toddler accidentally restarted, removed or deleted a lot from my phone.

I  really had to figure out how to avoid such accidents and then my husband just told me about Touch Lock, the application who fixed all my issues.

Touch Lock.jpg

Now I think Touch Lock, is one of the best applications that allows you to lock the touch screen during video sessions or simply when your phone is locked and maybe your toddler tries play with it.

Below I will highlight few options that Touch Lock can offer:

♥ Blocks 100% physical button and soft keys;

♥ Allows babies and toddlers to watch infant or baby’s TV while never pausing;

♥ Gives parental controls & kids place that protects your personal data;

♥ Locks volume;

♥ Disables the Touch Mode;

I am happy I can share this information with you but you need to know that Touch Lock app can do event more, here you can read the full app description.

Now you can protect you cellphone or iPad data from your toddler and have no watching interruptions.

Let us know what supporting tools to do use. Would be great to know more about this topic.

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