7 Toddler Snacks that we recommend

I think there are not many toddlers disliking snacks, whether those are waffles, puffs or biscuits.

Usually when I pick my daughter’s snacks I check them to be organic, not to have added sugar, preservatives, added salt, artificial flavors or colors, and if it’s the case gluten or lactose.

Below we recommend 7 snacks suitable for toddlers. Those can be purchased online – all are on Amazon – or direct from stores.

1. Kiddylicious Waffles


2. Heavenly Crispy Veggie Waffles


3. Heavenly Tasty Organics Happy Halo Bites


4. Gerber Organic Yogurt Melts


5. Hipp Rice Waffles


6. Hipp Puffs


7. Holle Bio Oat Biscuits


What are your toddler’s favorite snacks? Give us your recommendation below in comments.

2 thoughts on “7 Toddler Snacks that we recommend

  1. Livia Barilla says:

    Eva likes now popcorn. We do it in a pan with lid, from the corn we buy in shops. I dont put salt and hope its safer than other snacks out there. She had also other favourites , but this is a hit now.

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