5 Fruits Purees that my Baby Loved

By daughter is 15 month old now and she is already eating adult food. I am looking back to the purees that I have prepared for her and I feel like it happened ages ago. In fact it passed just one year.

My baby ate solids for the first time when she was 6 month old. Each day, until she turned 1 – 3 times per day – I prepared her different purees.

We followed the rule of eating for breakfast, only fruits or cereals, until the baby turns 1.

Below you can find 5 of our baby breakfast meals, all my own ideas.

1.Avocado and Pumpkin

Just blend together, half avocado with 100 mg steamed pumpkin and serve.


Avocado and Pumpkin

2. Cranberries, Grapes and Banana

Blend for few seconds, 1 handful cranberries, 1 handful grapes and 1 banana and serve.


Cranberries, Grapes and Banana

3. Oat with Cranberries and Apricot Topping

Chop the fruits in small pieces and boil them in 20 water. Prepare Oat flakes based on box instructions. Blend the boiled fruits, combine with oat and serve.


Oat with Cranberries and Apricot Topping

4. Melon and Pear

Blend few seconds 100 gr melon with 1 pear and serve.


Melon and Pear

5. Cranberries, Apricot and Plumbs

Blend 1 handful cranberries, 2-3 apricots and 2 plumbs and serve.


Cranberries, Apricot and Plumbs

Is so easy to cook for babies.

What is eating your baby for breakfast? Share with us in comments your favorite fruits purees.

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