How I got my body shape, after giving birth

Maternity is a great thing which changed my mind, my life and my body.

Getting used to be a sporty slim girl, I have already dreamed during my pregnancy how I would get my shape back. How I would go immediately to the gym and yoga classes.

Yet, at that moment I just enjoyed my watermelon shape and continued eat whatever I wanted and gained more than 17 kilos. After giving birth the precious part of them slept next to me.

Well, the reality turned out to be different. The recovery was not so magic after the C-section and my son literally lived on my breasts.  At the beginning, I just let my body recovering and getting used to be a mom, putting aside my previous dreams about super active “get my shape” plan.

After all, my body did a great job! As time passed and the pain after the C-section disappeared I could start helping my body with faster recovery. First months there was no possibility to go to the gym or yoga classes, as I did before pregnancy. So, I just tried to make my way of life sporty and healthy using every possibility I have.

♥ Healthy Diet

Proper diet – I would say – is one of the most important thing, not only for a mommy but also for the baby, in case of the breastfeeding.

In my daily food list I preferred: vegetables, green salads, meat, fish, fruits and cereals. I tried to exclude the pastry and sweets, still ate bread but preferably not white one. Though the vegetables seems to be fine, there are three of them which are not welcomed in the diet: potato, beetroot and pumpkin. Surely is not easy to totally refuse them, but I just tried to eat them less.

Most of the fruits are also full of sugar and calories, especially pineapple, grape, melon, banana and mango. After all, I am a mommy who needs vitamins, so I did not exclude them completely but ate them just for breakfast, and of course, a lot of pure water is very demanded for every person and especially a breastfeeding mommy. Now I have a very good habit to drink two glasses as I wake up and have one 15 minutes before every meal. By the way it also helps to eat less.

♥  Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding prospers in calories burning. Daily a breastfeeding mommy looses 500 calories. That’s a great gift for us. I was lucky to breastfeed 11 months. Moreover, I had to keep the diet and be careful with food which may cause an allergy to my baby. Again, it helped myself to stay away from eating sweets.

♥  Outdoor Activities

Daily walks with my baby is what I adore so much. There was no such excuse to stay at home like weather conditions or lack of sleep at night. Of course I felt sleepy and sometimes weak after such nights, but to my surprise active walking brought me good mood, energy and invigorate. Just dress proper clothes and walk for hours with the pram.

It wasn’t like leisure walking, sitting on the bench and reading a book. Well of course I had some rest on the bench, but after a good walk when I felt my legs.

It was really fast walking, so fast as if almost running. I managed to walk twice a day. My phone application showed encouraging figures from 10 to 15 km a day. These fast walks helped me to get rid of almost all kilos that I gained during the pregnancy. Especially fast walking helped to lose fat on my belly. I was glad to see my body getting slimmer, but still it looked soft lacking muscles.

When my belly was better after the C-section I started to combine the walks with the training outside. I found a nice place in the park near my home and did such exercises as squats and lunges or push ups on the bench. It was just 10 – 15 minutes short training, but I noticed very soon how nicely my body started to form.

As the spring came I took my roller blades and changed them in the park. It was nice to roller-skate with the carriage. On weekend my husband and I had longer rides on the nice road in the forest. It was enjoying and sporting activity at the same time.

I am also a baby wearing mom, so I could continue with my lovely hiking. We went to some hiking tours in Bratislava area or went to High Tatras or other mountains for a weekend. I was not sure if I could manage the tours with my baby on me, but the mountain fresh air and the forest gave energy and strength to me. It was so wonderful to carry my son and admire beautiful nature. He slept happily or looked around, while I had a good training at the same time.

Now, when my son can sit properly and the summer is approaching I am looking forward riding the bike with him.

♥ Practice Home Workout

Gradually I added the workout at home. Unfortunately I could not do any abdominal training after the C-section at the beginning. So, I found a gentle but effective exercise as stomach vacuum. It really worked. I did it anytime and anywhere, so my belly was slim and nice quite fast.

As my muscles got strength and the scar did not bother me anymore I worked out the effective series of whole body exercises for home training. I train at home twice a week.

Besides, I use all possibilities, like make squats when picking up the toys from the floor, dance with my son in my arms and do exercises with him, it is real fun.

A great praise for me – a flat tummy and sporty shape at the seaside when my son turned 6 months.

♥ Yoga Classes

Afterwards, when my son was more independent, I started with yoga classes nearby my home. It helped me to get rid of stiffen feeling or pain in my back.

Moreover, during the whole hour I just focused on the exercises and switched off my brain. I just forgot that I am a mommy, forgot about home and staff I need to do etc. It was a good reload and relax for my brain as well.


This is how I lived my first maternity year. The life in motion is just my life style. An active day gives me more energy, more positive emotions. That’s how I like it.

And what is your story? How did you get in shape?

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