Children Emergency Services in Bratislava

Being a Mom is one of the best thing that could ever happen, but knowing your child sick is one of the worst situation that a parent can experience during the whole parenthood. Is hard to describe it in words, simply you can not live until you know your baby is fine and nothing serious will affect his health.

sick toddler.jpg

It happened not once when my baby got sick and I needed to know where I should go with her for emergency check or which doctor would be available to visit us at late hours, at home.

I think each Mom visited at least once the emergency room with or without having a serious reason. It can happen that you get over scared, especially if you are a new Mom or if you have never experienced a certain sickness situation.

In Bratislava we have one very good public hospital for children and they offer emergency services 24/7. Below  you can find more details about Bratislava’s Children Hospital.

Keep all these details safe for later, in case you’ll need to come back and read.

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♥ Children Hospital in Bratislava

Detská fakultná nemocnica s poliklinikou Bratislava

Address: Limbová 1, 833 40 Bratislava, Slovak Republic, EU

Call: +421 (0) 71 111 2593

In my first motherhood year we have visited them 3 times and luckily all on duty doctors by then where able to talk to us in English, and all staff showed interest in supporting us even though  it happen to be there when the situation was not really requiring an emergency visit, but well as I said, sometimes you get over scared and just a specialized doctor can confirm if your little baby is fine or everything that’s going on is normal and nothing is serious.

♥ Children Emergency Services at Your Home

Výjazdová Detská Pohotovosť BA a okr.MA

Call: 0904 008 090

An expert team of pediatricians equipped with all devices and essential medicines to examine your child directly at your home. It will only cost you 1.99 EUR.
The service is for children up to 18 years and they are covering the entire Bratislava.
You can reach them on working days from 18: 00-6: 00, weekends and holidays NONSTOP.

Our Expat-Moms have used their services and they received very food feedback from them. They speak good English and the Doctors are very kind and helpful.

♥ European Emergency Number: Call 112

In the worst case scenario, you can always call 112, no matter in which location you are with our child, what is your child’s age or nationality. Just keep calm,  remember the address where you are, and provide them all the information they will ask for. Immediately a specialized team will be prepared based on your needs and sent to the location where you are.

Whenever you find yourself in a life-threatening situation, or when your health, property or the environment is in danger. It’s free, available 24 hours a day from landlines, mobile phones or pay phones without inserting coins or phone cards.

Hope you children stay healthy and you will not need any of these services. In any case, if you will need them, remember that you have them all on MommyAbroad.

Are you aware of any other good emergency services existing in Bratislava or its surrounding cities?

We are especially interested to know all about children emergency services covering Senec, Stupava and Malacky.

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