ZOOM Kids Museum – Vienna

One of the best place for kids that I recently found is Zoom Museum in Vienna.

Is a fabulous place located in MuseumsQuartier, the largest art and culture complexes in the world.

The location is awesome because of many facts. Below I will point out all what a parent should know before visiting ZOOM Kids Museum.


There is a huge underground parking place just in front of the entrance.


They have a great booking system, based on workshops and kids ages, so you may want to book your slot in advance.

If you decide to skip your appointment but still visit them to the next time frame, just go to the reception as soon as you arrive and ask the personnel to add your name on the waiting list. Afterward in case of absences you will replace.

Keep in mind that a reservation needs to be done for both parents and kids.

Waiting room is very large and next to the reception is a small  shop from where you can buy interesting toys for kids.

ZOOM Workshops

Workshop ranges are suitable for children at different ages and during each program, children can ask questions, touch, feel, examine and play as they desire.


Toilets for kids are available as well as changing room for babies.


All admission prices can be checked here, or you can even eighth for a ZOOM membership card. Zoom Kids Museum is awesome, you should add it to your visiting list.

We have been so happy to visit ZOOM Kids Museum and I can certainly say that all of us have enjoyed. So far we started with Zoom Ocean and looking forward to visit Zoom Studio and their colorful Painting Atelier.


Have you been here? What are the other places for kid in Vienna that you will recommend us?

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