BaanThai, a relaxing place in Bratislava

BaanThai the authentic place for Thai massage.

After years of searching for a good massage place I can say that BaanThai meets most of my needs. If you will visit them you can understand why.

The studio is located in Bratislava Old Town, behind the Sorea Regia Hotel where you can always find enough parking places available at the hotel parking lot.

The relaxing center is offering massage, sauna and relaxing packages for HER or HIM, packages that I strongly recommend.

Usually you can find their vouchers at very good prices on Zlavy.Sme.Sk , 68-70% off list price. You don’t need to worry that you will miss their offer, they always have discounted packages available, just google by “Baanthai zlava” and you will find their offers straight away.

A packages offers all that you may need to refresh your body and mind. Have a look to my favorite one, and all that are included, just for 36 Euros:

Whole body lavender oil

  • Thai pedicure;
  • lavender scrub;
  • full body massage with lavender oil;
  • paraffin hand packing;
  • silk lifting mask;
  • wrapping legs with honey cream;
  • snacks (cookies, coffee, ginger tea, exotic fruits and other goodies);
  • slippers, towels, robes and disposable clothes are available for you;

A Thai therapists will take care of you during the 90 minutes treatment. Each time after I visited BaanThai I feel perfectly rested, relaxed and full of energy. Massage relieves blocks in the energy pathways and reduces stress and it is particularly suitable for the workload and people with back pain.


After purchasing the voucher, call them with the voucher code and book your time slot.

Usually they also have included in the package 1 hour of sauna, just before starting the message – free of charge – but you will need to double check with them when calling for appointment.

If you think to make your hubby a surprise, they give you the option to have couples massage in the same massage room. Actually this voucher can be a grate gift for everyone who loves sauna and massage. More details and updates can be found here.

Let us know if you have been here before and which are the other similar options in Bratislava.

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