11 Must Have Things That Keeps Kids Busy When Travelling

1. Trunki Suitecase

Get your toddler a personalized Trunki suitcase – Is a must have when travelling by plane. Your little one can easily ride his own suitcase, having no desire to run around, or can be pulled by you. The suitcase is available on many colors and prints, and can be ordered on Trunki official website or on Amazon .


2. Snacks

A lot of them! Prepare yourself with various kind of snack that your toddler likes – here we recommend some of them. Berries might do the job too.


3. Video Cartoons Episodes

Download on your phone or iPad, your toddlers favorite videos. I am sure she/he will be busy for hours if allowed.


4. Magnetic toys

Whether you get them simple wooden magnetic animals or magnetic board toys, both works perfectly when it comes to distract toddlers.

Magnetic toys.jpg

5. Sticker Books and Book in General

If they are into watching book or listening short stories than grab few books and keep them close. Sticker Books are great as well and can be found everywhere online or in books stores.


6. Flashcards

If your toddler like animals, vegetables or letters, flashcards are great for easier learning. Flashcards are available in so many variants.


7. Play-dough

Does your toddler likes colors and creating or exploring different shapes, then play-dough is a must have too.


8. Crayons

Coloring is another option that we recommend, bring some crayons and a coloring book.


9. Makeup Keychain

If you have a daughter for sure she will love playing with a cute keychain set of cosmetics, just keep an eye on her.


10. Necklace

Another brilliant idea is to give them to play with your necklace, my daughter always keep playing when she gets one.


11. Buddies

Seek out another child on the flight and try buddy them up, this is one of the best way to keep your toddler busy while socializing.


What are the most attractive things for your child when travelling?

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