Paper Bouquet for Mother’s Day – DIY for Kids and Daddies

Days are warmer and warmer and we can already see how spring is taking over the power. Sun is shining brighter, sky returns it’s favorite blue color and you can sense the smell of spring from Flower shops on every corner.

This time bring us the most beautiful and tender day of the year – 8th of March – a Mother’s day.

♥ here mommies you stop reading and just forward the link on this article to your beloved husbands

As now we going to start something nice and creative!
Don’t worry! Your kids will help you.

♥ What do we need / our budget

  • colored paper / approx. 0,50 Eur
  • scissors / usually already available
  • glue stick / up to 1 Eur
  • pencil / 0,30 Eur

Step 1

The base of our bouquet is greenery.
Take an green A4 sheet of paper and fold it in half. From folded side cut it with the scissors leaving  2-3 cm on the opposite end. Make cuts on a different distance to make it look like grass.

Step 2

Apply some glue on the one end of the green grass band and roll it to make a circle with diameter approx. 5 cm. Roll the remaining band around it and fix the end with the glue.

Step 3

Take a few paper sheets of different color and draw 5-7 flowers of any shape you like. It can be tulips, roses or classic chamomile shape. You can also let your child draw them with a crayons on a white paper. Don’t restrict your imagination and creativity!!!


Step 4

Cut the flowers out and using the glue stick attach them to the green “base”.

Step 5

To finalize a bouquet decorate a bottom part with the silk ribbon, or if you don’t have it you can draw it on paper and write a classic words like “with love”, “for Mommy” or some very personal dedication –  it’s up to you.

So, here you go! Your very special handmade bouquet is ready!


Happy Mother’s Day, dear Mommies!
I know you’re still reading…

Share with us your DIY for Mother’s Day

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