Searching for a Job in Bratislava

Either you are new in Slovakia or just consider to change your current employer, I hope you can find some useful tips which can bring you closer to your dream job position.

The good news is that Bratislava has a really vivid job market. You can easily find plenty of vacant positions from entry level to the executive jobs. A growing number of international companies in Bratislava makes sure that it’s relatively easy for a foreigner to find a job here. Nevertheless, you still might need to put some effort if you’d like to get the best suitable job for you at the moment. Before you start to actually look for vacant jobs, I suggest you do a little preparation.


♥ Shape your ideas and set your goals

First of all try to shape your ideas of the job you’d like to have. Your preferences might have changed since you have a small child.  Think for a while of the following questions and try to be as honest and as realistic as possible.

  • What is the ideal job for you now? What would you like to do?
  • In which environment would you like to work? Would you prefer a large international company or rather a small local one?
  • How flexible would you like to be with the working hours? Part time, traditional 9 am to 5 pm or rather a flexible project based hours?
  • How willing are you to do overtimes or work from home?
  • Would you like to commute to the office every day or you prefer to have a home office possibility?
  • What salary will you feel comfortable with?

This are just a few questions to give you an idea what you might want to consider when choosing a job. Think of anything which is important to you. For example, sometimes the distance from home to the office can be a decision making factor.

Once you are clear with your preferences, think of what you have to offer. What are your advantages on the job market in Slovakia. For example, your native language or any other language you speak is usually an advantage. There are plenty of jobs in Bratislava where speaking a foreign language along with English is required. Also think of any professional experience you have, any qualities or skills that make you the best candidate for a certain job position.

♥ Job Boards

Now, you have your preferences and advantages sorted out, it’s time to match them with the actual offers. So where do you look for jobs? Here are few ideas:

  • You may want to start with This is the most popular site for job searching in Slovakia. They have a wide selection of employers here, from small local businesses to large multinational corporations. The site is very user friendly, you can use different search options and it’s available in different languages including English.
  • Consider using LinkedIn too. It is a great tool, which gives you many options of finding a new job. Nowadays many recruiters are using it to proactively approach a potential candidate. So an interesting job possibility might come your way without much effort from your side. You just need to make sure your profile is complete, up to date and looks attractive for a potential employer. You may even want to explicitly say that you are looking for a new job, this will make it easier for recruiter to find you.
    Another way of using LinkedIn is to browse the job offers of the companies by yourself. You can set your criteria and preferences and the searching engine will get you the most suitable options. A good thing is that you can also apply for the most jobs via LinkedIn. It’s easy and fast!
  • If you have any particular company you want to work for, you can go directly to its website and apply for a job there. Many international companies have the possibility to look for a job worldwide and to submit the application online.

A tip here, most of the multinational corporations, have an employee recommendation program. That means that someone who is working for a company can recommend you for a vacant job position and in case you are hired, he/she will get a bonus. So think of anyone you know in the company you want to work and ask them to recommend you. This might help you to get contacted by a recruiter faster. And the rest is of course up to you.

Good luck!

What is your experience with job searching in Bratislava? Did you have any challenges with finding a job? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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