The ZOO in Bratislava – Impressive

We visited the ZOO, first time after almost 7 years of living in Bratislava. I know, it’s a shame and I don’t know why took us so long to add it on our activity list.

Bratislava ZOO_MommyAbroad

In fact, I was never a big fan of ZOOs, first of all because is sad to see animals is tiny cages and secondly, now to be honest, unless you are a parent you don’t really feel spending your weekends in a ZOO, however once becoming one, is a must to locate all ZOO in and around your city.

Anyhow, I am not sure why but I had very low expectation for what I was going to find in Bratislava’s ZOO and actually it left me lost of words for few important reasons that I will highlight below:

♥ The ZOO itself

Very clean, all alleys are paved so you don’t really need to bring your rubber boots with you like in other ZOO where you simply get all dirty.


♥ Parking lots

There are official 2 small parking lots but I could see people that have been allowed to park on the street side as well. Parking is free of charge.

♥ Very Well-Cared Animals

I don’t remember ever seeing in a ZOO such well-cared animals. I was surprised to see that most of animals fur, especially of felines, seemed like were just washed and brushed, amazing. They have a lot of wonderful animals but the families of jaguars, lions and giraffes were stunning.

My daughter is too small to recognize all animals but myself I do, and I couldn’t stop WOW-ing when I went close to giraffes – my husband couldn’t stop laughing at me…I was astounding to see them again. I think I met giraffes last time when I was a small child and for sure now I am seeing them with different eyes.

And the WHITE TIGER! Is hard to describe in words – a huge wild animal! It was socking to find him in the ZOO of Bratislava and could barely dared to watch him closely. I think I was the only one afraid there, everyone seemed to be quite ‘confident’ in front of the beautiful tiger.

You must visit this wonderful ZOO and see this feline, the White Tiger and his stunning eyes. Let me know if you can make an eye contact, I couldn’t

 ♥ Food Court

At least 2 food kiosks are open for the ZOO visitors and one is right next to a big playground. They both serve food and drinks.


♥ Restroom

Important for every parent, they have a very clean restroom with changing tables for babies. I check the changing room everywhere we go. I think is unacceptable to own a kids friendly place without having a changing room for babies and little kids.

♥ Playgrounds

I fell in love with the playground there. We found 2 of them open and a 3rd one which was closed during the cold season. The one next to the food court was dedicated to kids from 3 years and beyond. I wish I would go climb on it too, but at least I tried the wooden swings for a moment.

♥ ZOO Shop

For sure there is a ZOO Shop, we have the picture to prove it but couldn’t get inside, unfortunately our daughter got little fussy so we had to run out for a short nap.

Bratislava ZOO is awesome, more than I could imagine and I have passed by thousand times but never imagined that hides so many treasures.

Now we know and planning to get an annual pass because I am sure during the summer it would be one of our favorite place where to walk, play and rest.

Admission fees, opening hours, directions and many other details can be found here on the official website.

I am not really sure how much my 16 month-old daughter enjoyed – she was super funny calling giraffes ‘Hachi, Hachi’, one of our Chow-Chow pet….but I did!


Add this lovely place to your activity list and let us know your impression about Bratislava’s ZOO

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