Play Wisely a Montessori activity – Interview with Klara Kulichova, the National Representative of Play Wisely for Slovakia

Today’s generation of parents are doing everything for their children, and investing quality time and enrolling them in top activities is a priority for every parent now.

Everyone heard about Montessori educational approach beneficial for children’s development.

MommyAbroad  is interviewing Klara Kulichova, the National Representative of Play Wisely® for Slovakia and is sharing with its readers the story of Play Wisely in Slovakia, and providing all details that any parent might be searching for before enrolling his children to Play Wisely, a Montessori activity. Read our interview below.

Klara we know you are an expatriate as we are. What brings you to Bratislava?

I came to Bratislava almost 6 years ago with my husband for his new job. I am originally from Prague, my husband is Slovak.

Where did the Play Wisely businesses idea came from?

To be honest, my first inspiration was my husband, who asked me about my true passion in life. At that time he was reading a book about the Google founders, company he was joining. Both of them were Montessori children. So after realizing my true passion was working with children, I decided to start an AMI Montessori certified course and started working in a Montessori kindergarten in Bratislava.

This course was literally transformational for me. It was also during this course when I discovered the Play Wisely program. After I went to see the lessons, I instantly fell in love with the program.

Tell us more about Play Wisely® roots in Slovakia, we would like to know all about it.

I started Play Wisely in Bratislava in February 2013. Till then I was practicing my poor lecturing skills on our friends’ children who dared to volunteer. My first lectures happened in our living-room. From that time we managed to establish a wonderful team of brilliant, skilled and deeply motivated coaches performing now more than 500 lectures every month. At the same time I managed to become the National Representative for Play Wisely for Slovakia.

We all know working with children might not be always easy. How do you like working with kids and what motivates you and your team?

Progress. For me and all of our coaches the single most important motivation is the progress we witness every single day during our lessons. Play Wisely is highly effective program helping children develop most important skills.

My second biggest motivation is my own team of coaches. I have been very lucky in this regard. I’ve managed to spread my own “love and passion” for this program among some of my own clients, enthusiastic students, friends or total strangers to become Play Wisely coaches. For illustration my coaches, dedicated to work with children with disabilities, prepared special therapy for these children. It is unique therapy developed based on experience from Play Wisely lectures and combining other therapies as Montessori, musical therapy, art therapy, motor therapy etc. It is highly fulfilling to help my coaches follow their passions and help them grow professionally.

How is unfolding a daily lesson, could you please give us an overview?

Play Wisely is a program for children from 4 months to 4 years, full of joy, fun and physical activities that bring maximum experiences and stimulation that is so important for child’s development. It is based upon unique NASA research, latest scientific research and it’s inspired by Montessori pedagogy.

Each Play Wisely lesson lasts 30 minutes and is divided into three parts. We start working with a special set of cognitive cards, then we do activities to improve child’s delicate fine motor skills. After that intensive physical activities follow stimulating the stabilization and balance system, practicing strength and visual-motor skills. At the end of a lesson we work with the cognitive cards again.

The structure of each lesson is always the same, but every week we focus on a different type of physical activities and work with different set of cards. Intensity and type of activities we adjusted to the child’s age and abilities as well as their current mood.

Where is Play Wisely located in Bratislava and how parents can enroll to your classes?

We have two locations in Bratislava, one is at the Castle Hill, the second one is in Ruzinov. For enrollment please follow the steps on our official website.

Most of parents are looking for a free trial before enrolling to any course with their children. Is Play Wisely offering such an option?

We offer a free trial lesson as it is absolutely crucial to try the lesson out, feel the energy, see your child performing various activities and then decide.

What are the current enrollment packages within Play Wisely?

We offer lessons only for very small groups of children as the program is based on high concentration activities. We have lessons for two, three children. We also offer individual lessons. In Bratislava you can pursue 10 lessons and get 2 lessons for free. My personal favorite are lessons for doubles as we can often see beautiful connection and friendship between the lecture ‘buddies’.

Is Play Wisely available in other cities except Bratislava. How about other countries?

At this moment there are 7 Play Wisely centers in Slovakia founded by similarly motivated ladies. This wonderful program is also available in Prague. Please check Play Wisely official website.

A foreign language might be a barrier for most of expat parents. Personally I am always enrolling my daughter in activities that are held in English. What communication language is used during the Play Wisely programs? Can English language be an alternative besides the Slovak language?

We offer lessons both in Slovak and in English. It is your choice.

Dear Parents is also your choice whether you decide to enroll your children to this lovely Montessori activity. Until then, our Moms already have tried Play Wisely and we are happily recommend it.


Let us know your feedback after discovering Play Wisely in Slovakia.

—An Interview by Claudia Marin—

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