Ergonomic vs Non-Ergonomic Carriers

Is a big market out there for all sorts of baby/toddler carriers, but the first thing when choosing one should be the safety of your baby.

Some of the carriers sold on the market – even those in baby specialized shops – are not offering your baby an ergonomic position, and this may lead to harming your little one instead of giving the care you want.

♥ Why carrying a baby in ergonomic carrier or wrap? The M and C position

The ergonomic carrier offers your baby’s a feet and hips a good supporting position. Baby hips are very sensitive and if the wrong pressure is set on them, they might be affected and different complications may occur. The carrier should fit from one knee to the other, and the baby should have its knees a bit upper than the bottom, forming a letter M .

Another aspect to follow is the shape of the spine. This has to be let to curve freely, and have a C like position. That is why softer , woven wraps carriers or elastic cotton are preferred for newborns, up to 6 months. It lets their spine form the C , and doesn’t put pressure on it – a lots of strap carriers are soft enough for newborns.

♠ Why not carrying in a non ergonomic carrier?

The non-ergonomic carriers have a narrow part sustaining the baby’s legs which are more hanged rather than being sustained. This puts a lot of pressure on the children’s hips and it doesn’t allow the baby have a C shape of the spine which doesn’t offer a comfortable position. These carriers does not supports the neck and head of the baby.

The non-ergonomic carriers also advertise keeping children front facing. Like looking outwards and not facing the parent. Firstly this leads to a bad pressure on the baby’s spine and also babies get too much exposure. It’s over exposing them. Babies don’t really need the noise of the street or seeing fast-moving objects, they need their parent‘s comfort and to calm down in their arms.

Hypdysplasia, an  international institute of hip dysplasia is showing a correct positioning of the baby in a „baby harness“. For more details please check-out their official website.

What if I already carried my baby in a non ergonomic carrier?

That is not the end of the world. Carrying the baby comes first, as they feel safe in parent’s  arms and carrying grows the baby-parent connection. If no harm was done to the baby, just consider switching to an ergonomic one to your second baby, or maybe advise moms and dads to use the ergonomic carriers.

Non ergonomic carriers are also advertised as being ergonomic

There are non-ergonomic carriers who advertise as offering an ergonomic position. They say they have patents and are world-wide sold, or that they have a tradition in baby-wearing – and it is true – they do have the tradition, because people do not get a lot of information about baby’s safety while carried.

You think of buying a practical thing for you and your baby, you go to kids dedicated shops, and you can find them on their shelves.

Just be careful before choosing your carrier! At least always check how wide is the material between the legs, and if it offers support from one knee to the other.

Ergo and Non Ergo Position

Ergo vs Non Ergo Position

Looking at such a photo, it shows clear the difference between these carriers and it’s obvious which one is more comfortable for a baby.

Which baby carrier do you like most?

One thought on “Ergonomic vs Non-Ergonomic Carriers

  1. Victoria Cherepova says:

    I had an experience in both ergonomic carrier and non-ergonomic one. the latest was bought by my husband when I was pregnant yet. I used it once for maybe 5 minutes, it was really not convenient. My son cried in it. I studied the market and found an ergonomic one Manduca, then I bought slovak carrier Rischino, it suited me most. I love it and what is more important my son as well. I used it every day and everywhere, what I liked that I could continue with hiking. I even dined in the restaurant with my son sleeping in it, when we were on vacation. Really helpful thing.

    Liked by 1 person

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