Family Park- The Children’s Paradise. Make it a Day Trip from Bratislava

Family Park is now all ready to welcome his visitor for the Easter Party, and if you are looking to get into the Easter mood, meet bunnies and discover huge eggs, this is the best place where you can chase the Easter spirit.


Once becoming a parent, your habits will change completely and this is not a surprise for anybody anymore, so here I join the club too.

If before I haven’t had a map about all playgrounds and kids attractions, now I dream them by night and recently a new place was added to our favorite places list.

This is the Family Park in Austria, reopened on 1st April after the winter holidays.

I have many things to say about Family Park, a really huge amusement park for everyone in the family, from a baby to an adult – everyone will enjoy it.

Family Park is just 70 km far from Bratislava, more or less the distance between Bratislava-Vienna.

We already traveled there twice, the first time for Halloween when my daughter was one year-old. Unfortunately at that time we hadn’t understood all admission benefits, although luckily now, after second visit, we are familiar and ready to advise anybody who is interested in a day out to the Family Park.


Once you get the admission tickets, all attractions stay at your disposal and can be used as many times as you wish. 

Below are some useful information that any visitor should know before visiting Family Park:

♥ The Park

Family Park is unique because of the four themed zones, all specially designed for children, over 70 different amusement attractions, and endless decorations covering the area of 145.000 m².

1. Experience Castle Zone

A magic zone for little ones.

2. Adventure Island Zone

A zone full of fun and action. Water is part of the interactive games.

3. Farm Zone

Farm zone is dedicated to the animals and riding different themed attractions.

4. Fairy Forest Zone

Imagine a forest where you can stop by to watch and listen your favorite fairy tale.


♥ Parking

I cannot really estimate, but is incredibly huge free parking place, maybe around 1,000 parking places, and I was surprised to see it all full. It’s clear that people love Family Park. The link below will lead you to the park map, check it out yourself – park map here.

♥ Lockers

If you have a backpack or bags that you do not want to carry it on, use the lockers available near the entrance.

♥ Buggy Rental

Sometimes a buggy is more than helpful for little ones, and in case you do not have your own buggy with you, Family Park offers for rent a limited number of buggies. You can find them at Restaurant Filippo. All walkways are paved and buggy friendly.

♥ Name Stickers

I found these stickers very useful, especially because it gives you the feeling that even in the case your kid will be faster than you, he can still be found and safe. Take this sticker from the entrance, write the name of your child and your telephone number and affix it on his t-shirt. Try not to get lost.

♥ Restaurants

There are four restaurants available, five snack kiosks,  four coffee shops, one sweets shop and one souvenir shop. You just need to stop and try all these specialties and local food – everything is delicious just go empty tummy.


♥ Restrooms

Family Park is child-friendly. Restrooms and Changing tables are everywhere. Even though you might have forgotten nappies or baby food, no need to worry. In restaurants you can find Hipp puree and the Souvenir Shop is selling “Baby Box” which includes all what you need: nappies, bibs, glass jar food, and many more.


Now spread the news across your family and friends, plan your trip, prepare your camera, bring your bunny ears and hurry up, Family Park announced to have Bunnies all over between 15th to 17th April.

Happy Easter Everyone!

Enjoy Family Park, the Bratislava nearest amusement park, the idyllic landscapes and this Paradise place suitable for every child. In two words, fun and action. You will be lost of words.


Opening hours and prices are listed all on their official website. An annual pas is more convinient if you are convinced to come back. Online tickets are available and prefered to avoid being in a long queue.

Come back here and give us your feedback about Family Park.

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