Bunny Cups for Easter – DIY

I really like the tradition of Easter celebration in English-speaking world.

Giving chocolate eggs and other sweet treats for Easter is not a common tradition in all countries. But if you decided to make this small surprise for your child or relatives we are here to help you make it original and interesting.

Who will help us with this? Of course the Easter Bunny!

♥ What do we need / our budget

* for 1 bunny-cup

  • a white paper cup / approx. 1 Eur for 10 pcs
  • dense sheets of pink, black and white paper / whole set for 1,70 Eur
  • black marker or paint and brush / up to 2 Eur
  • glue stick / 0,5 Eur
  • scissors / usually available

Step 1

Draw a bunny ears on a pink paper and similar ones on the white paper. White detail should be approx. 1 cm wider  and higher than pink one. The size  depend on the size of the cup you use. for 0,25 ml cup I made 10 cm long ears. Cut them out and glue together so that pink detail will be in the middle of white. Ears are ready!

Step 2

To attach ears apply some glue on the front side of the ear (approx. 1 cm) and stick it to the cup from the inside.


Step 3

Using a marker or black paint draw a bunny muzzle on the cup.

Step 4

Cut out a little bunny nose out of pink paper and glue it on the face.

Step 5

Make 6 black whiskers around 2 mm thick and 3-4 cm long. Stick them with the glue on the bunny’s face.


♥ In case you will use this cups for beverages make sure that liquid level doesn’t reach the ears (glue)

Cups are ready and it is up to you how to use it. You can use it as a present-basket for chocolate eggs and candies or as a drink cup for beverages on Easter table. And after the celebration your kids could store crayons or paint brushes in it.

♥ Nice, fast and easy!


♥ So don’t hesitate, send us some pictures of your Easter decorations or write us how you celebrate Easter and which family traditions you have.

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