Decorate Your Own Paper Bunny Lamp for Easter

I was always fascinated how public celebrations are organized in U.S.

If someone is organizing a party or other event they pay a lot of attention to accessories and decorations. And Easter is not an exception! To make this day special for the kids people decorate houses and inner yards to bring some fairy tales atmosphere. So if you are going to organize a real Egg hunting on a backyard or in your garden –  add some light-weighting “flying” paper bunnies to make it look really amazing.

♥ What do we need / our budget

  • paper lamp shade / e.g. from IKEA 1,5 Eur
  • dense sheets of pink, black and white paper / whole set for 1,70 Eur
  • black marker or paint and brush / up to 2 Eur
  • glue stick or other glue / 0,5 Eur
  • scissors / usually available

Step 1

Draw a bunny ears on a pink paper  and similar ones on the white paper. White detail should be wider  and higher than pink one. For a paper ball with 45 cm diameter I have made 35 cm long ears. Cut them out and glue together so that pink detail is in the middle of white. Ears are ready!


Step 2

Assemble a paper shade according to the instruction and draw a bunny muzzle with a black marker or paint.

Step 3

Cut out a big bunny nose (approx. 6 cm diameter) out of pink paper and glue it on the face.


Step 4

Make 6 black whiskers around 5 mm thick and 20-25 cm cm long. Stick them with the glue on the bunny’s face.


Step 5

Slightly bend the ears from the bottom side (approx. 2-3 cm from the edge) and apply some glue on the bent part. Stick it on  the top of the bunny’s head. It is better to use some stronger glue or glue gun.

This beautiful bunnies will be a wonderful decoration for your garden or  patio.


♥ How do you prepare your home for Easter celebration? Share with us pictures of your Easter decorations or eggs.

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