Feminism – I was asked if it has gone too far or not

Feminism – This is a topic that everyone should digest with at least same pleasure, as I do.

I definitely think that feminism has not gone too far at all. In fact I support women in the same way as I respect men.


Considering our glorious past where women were not really taken so much into consideration or not even trusted, now there are still some discrepancies between these two categories but we are still further ahead than in the past.

I find myself at a huge advantage by involving women in the same opportunities or projects like men because we, the women, are so different from the men and this difference must be perceived as a great benefit and not the opposite.

Yes, that is true, we think differently, we behave differently, we even feel it differently and because of these stated reasons, we are a great match for the men and we are meant to fulfill the other side of the boat which actually makes a perfect balance. By having woman and man together in a collaboration, project or leading whatever business or just a small debate simply gives harmony.

Men on the other hand, are awesome. We cannot be or behave like man and men cannot do or behave like woman, so why not pairing all what is best in us and bring out the best result of these two unique species, which is the man and the woman?

So no! Feminism did not go too far! We can respect each-other and maybe even make ourselves more aware about the keys that each of us is owning. We are both, either men, or women too special not to see and use the big advantage of a great a collaboration.

How do you see Feminism? Tell us your point of view below in comments.

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