Where To Do Sport Activities in Bratislava During Pregnancy

At first I was disappointed hearing my gynecologist that sport activities are forbidden during the first three months of my pregnancy. Then I found myself so sleepy and tired that even if I wanted to do some sport I just could not. Besides, even usual walk made me breath heavily.


The golden period of my pregnancy was the second third, which I enjoyed with so much energy in me. Looking back, I even think that I lived more active life than before pregnancy. I was lucky to have the second third in summer-autumn. I enjoyed the swimming in the sea on my vacation or in the lakes not far away from Bratislava. Beside that there are plenty of activities for pregnant women in Bratislava.

♥ Aqua Aerobics

Aqua aerobics is a very good and gentle training, since water unload all your weight from your spine and belly, it was really enjoying to do the exercises in the swimming pool. The muscles were working and spine relaxing. When you go out from the water I would advise not to be in a hurry, as you feel like your belly weight several tonnes. The only problem for me was high level of the water, since I’m quite small. So, better ask the height of the water before you go to the course.

Below you can find some of aqua aerobics places in Bratislava.

♥  Pilates

Pilates for pregnant was very helpful to strengthen and stretch my muscles. What is important, that pilates exercise are aimed on the work out of the deep abdominal muscles, which keep our precious belly. Another advantage is firming the muscles on the back and helping to relax your spine. I always felt better after the hour of training, my spine did not hurt me anymore. I attended the course in orthopaedic centre SNOP.

♥ Yoga

Since I had yoga classes before my pregnancy I found also a special gravid yoga. I went there in the evening. It was a great mental and physical relax after working day. The trainer created such a great atmosphere with dim light, pleasant relaxing musing and nice voice. After that hour my body thanked me with joy and relax, my back stretched and I felt I could fly. Well, yoga did really good to me.

♥ Sport Trainings

I also visited the special sport training for pregnant women in Retro sport club. It was like fitness and body work out but without any risk for your belly. The part of the exercises was on the fit ball. What was good there that at the end of every hour she taught us how to breathe during giving the birth, explaining every phase of it and specifying when which breath we need to use. The lady, who trains there is a nurse in the birthing centre. She is also a lecturer in the free prenatal course in Predeti shop.

♥ Hiking

Hiking in Slovakia is so wonderful. There is no any region where you could not find some nice touristic path for hiking. When you love the mountains, you just can’t stop. As a yearly tradition, we spent the part of our vacation in the mountains. Hiking is a great thing, the fresh air and power and beauty of the mountains and forest fully recharged me. Here are the most popular destinations:

  • High Tatras

  • Low Tatras

  • Slovenský Raj

  • Malá Fatra

  • Veľká Fatra

  • Karpaty.

Which activities did you have during your pregnancy?

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