Where to Shop Baby-Wearing Articles in Bratislava


There are 2 options from where to buy baby-wearing articles: physical and online shops. Specialized stores for babies do also offer products for baby-wearing – the offer is limited though and parents should be careful, because in the shops I have been, I have seen more non-ergonomic carriers than ergonomic ones.

Physical Shops:


Predeti has Boba carriers – both elastic wraps and carriers, which are quite comfortable. I first bought my Boba elastic wrap in their shop in Central. If you check the online page, they have the product under the Cestovanie/Travelling section.


Brendon also sells elastic wraps from what I have seen in their shop, but also non-ergonomic carriers that should be avoided.

Here the offer is a bit larger, but there are available more non ergo products rather than ergo. From what they currently offer, only Amazonas and ErgoBaby brands are products that we recommend and that offers an ergonomic position to the baby when carried by his parents.

This shop has a special section for carriers, called Nosenie, when searching the online page.

Baby Market

Baby Market located in Aupark Mall sells ErgoBaby carries as well. You may want to compare prices, just to make sure you have done the right decision before buying.

Online Shops:

The baby-wearing market in Bratislava is more diverse in the online environment. Here the options are more diverse and you may also find other baby-wearing accessories, like clothes for baby-wearing – for both kids and parents.


Baby carriers.jpgKmart is an online shop that also has a small business unit in Ruzinov, from where you can pick up your online orders. They have a stock of carriers, jackets for baby-wearing and many other accessories.

Below I am sharing a list of online shops that offer ergonomic carriers, some of them even offer rental services, so parents can try them out and check if they feel comfortable and their children. The offer is huge – you will find fore sure the carrier that you are looking for. You just need to know what to search for.

Some shops below are dedicated to baby-wearing. You will find a lot of items here, good sales offers and cheaper prices when you make a common order with other people – I also bought like this once and I got 30% discount.

Last listed, Rischio is a Slovak carriers brand – ergonomic carriers with buckles.




Stastna Mama


Besides the Slovak online shops, you have of course, the possibility to order from all the international producers as well, just that the transport is a bit higher. I ordered from Poland, from Little Frog, and I paid 10 euros for a woven wrap. The more you order, the transport is more expensive sometimes.

I hope this list may offer an inspiration for moms who are searching for carriers or baby-wearing items.

One thought on “Where to Shop Baby-Wearing Articles in Bratislava

  1. Leah Raczova says:

    Nice 🙂 There’s also some women doing a weekly seminar on baby wearing-they meet at different places around Bratislava, and you can try out the different carriers and see how to use them. I found them randomly at Eurovea and the lady leading it helped me figure out how to nurse my newborn in my woven wrap.

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