X-Bionic® Sphere – The Greatest and Most Luxurious Multifunctional Complex That Bratislava People Should Be Proud of Having it Nearby

Summer is coming and everyone is looking to explore new places and activities.

Luckily Bratislava and the small cities surrounding it, is not anymore what have used to be seven years ago, and I am proud to see how those are growing, giving their population always new recreation opportunities.

I am not sure how many of you are familiar with Šamorín – a small city just 30 min. drive from Bratislava.

Lately this city is hosting a recreation hidden pearl, and I am gladly stating that X-Bionic Sphere Center can be all what we needed for us and our kids.

Same like you, I have been travelling and explored many countries, mainly looking for tourism attractions and luxurious resorts. X-Bionic Sphere is one of the best I found, especially in the CEE region.

You are invited to check this piece of heaven located just next to us. Below, as always, I am sharing with you some of my views:

♥ What is X-Bionic® Sphere?

X-Bionic Sphere is a multi-functional complex suitable for everyone: families, people interested in wellness or sport addicted.

Total square-meters area is impressive. Over on a total of 1,000,000 m².

♥ What can be found here?

Everything here is pure madness and from the family perspective I strongly recommend you to try the pools, restaurants, riding the pony and if you have a nanny to look after your child, you must definitely book three hours for wellness and try also to go to their cinema.

♥ Pools are just fantastic.

You can swim or just lay and relax indoor and outdoor in the thermal pools featured with geysers, water jets or ‘wild water’. There are two outdoor and two indoor water slides and pools for babies open all over the year, 50 m Olympic outdoor swimming pool, 25 m indoor swimming pool.

♥ TIP ♥

If you’ll go there with a baby or toddler, look after the BabyDobber.  Is a safe floating chair for children with the weight less than 11 kg. It allows you to have both arms free while the baby is safe and can enjoy the water. They have it at your disposal and is free of charge.

♥ Wellness Area

Is simply perfect! You need to check it yourself. For me they meet all highest standards. If you are a tired Mom or overwhelmed working Mom, book a wellness day here – you won’t regret any single minute spent at X-Bionic Sphere Center or penny.

The environment if perfect designed for bringing you into relaxing mood. There are seven different type of saunas, three relaxing pools, cooling pool, Turkish steam sauna, salt cave, many options for massage, a bar from where you can have a drink or snacks and a tepidarium to chill out.

♥ TIP ♥

Swimsuits are not allowed. There are white sheets, towels and bathrobes available for you. Towels can be found everywhere in the area and is good that you can change them anytime if gets too wet. Bathrobe must be requested at the wellness reception or at the bar.


Massage Area

The entire place is extremely clean, featured with changing rooms for babies and newest technology for their services.

♥ Farrier’s Steak Restaurant

We have them all on our list to try but so far we have been to Farrier’s Steak Restaurant several times already. Is a very cozy restaurant with a small play kids corner. The food is very good as well as the services. Waiters are very polite and the restaurant is decorated as per his name, in the style of equitation. The view is also spectacular, being located next to the horse riding arena. For us, watching the horses has been always a pleasure – they brings peace.

♥ TIP ♥

I am not sure about you, but here, I always choose to eat hamburger or the half roasted chicken – well is not really a half but they name it like this. It will be a chicken leg, a wing and half of the chicken breast. Is delicious and this is my recommendation that I give in terms of food.

♥ Keep in mind:

  • People living in Šamorín gets special admission fees – just show them your identity card.
  • You get better prices with a fidelity card – ask for it at the reception

Enjoy X-Bionic Sphere – We should be proud of it!

Let me know if becomes your favorite place to go or if you have any questions about it, feel free to ask me in comments.

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