Usborne – The Best English Books for Children

We are a bilingual family, and it was challenging when the time came to choose books for our daughter.

Before the age of 1, we just bought board books that didn’t contained text, but after this age,  things became a bit more complex.

Our aim was to find English books, so that both me and my husband could understand the text and read the same story to our baby girl. Sometimes those have been read in English, or have just been translated  to our own languages.

In Bratislava only a few libraries are selling books that are written in a foreign language, and we were not very satisfied with the offer for books we could find in English.

I heard about the Usborne books from a books group support for children on Facebook, and I have decided to give them a try. At the begin was not easy to find them in Bratislava, therefore I decided to order them online.

Usborne Online Shop has a large variety of books for children, from age 0 up to 13 and above for young adults – later on, I fell in love with them and decided to become a distributor as well, mostly to be able to order anything I like from their catalog, when needed.


The main points for choosing this publishing house were the quality and graphics. Books we have chosen until now, mostly for babies and toddlers, have resisted  very well in time.

My daughter was biting them sometimes, pulling them a lot, spilling things on them – so resistance was crucial. Even the paper format is sturdy. Pictures are very nice, original, vivid and colorful. Some series are illustrated by a famous illustrator, Stephen Cartwright, in a funny way, that attracts kids.  The pictures are appealing, and sometimes we use the story books as searching books, to spot different objects. This is after we know the book by heart and we find new uses for the pictures.

Another great plus of these books are the topics. Usborne covers varied subjects, so depending on your kids preferences you shall find an attractive book. From the simplest notions for babies to the Olympics, Planets or Holocaust, Usborne publishing covers a wide range of subjects.

To be more attractive, Usborne also has a few mixed media products, meaning books with small toys, puzzles, or sticker books that made it even more interesting for us, and now when my daughter is a toddler, we choose many of those. Our favorites are:“Wind-Up Bus Book” and “Wind-up Ladibird” book.


I highly recommend these books, as they are a hit with our daughter. We have now English books from more publishing houses, but the Usborne ones are No. 1, and we order new ones every few months.

Which is your favorite publisher or your child favorite book? Lets exchange knowledge.

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