The Bio Farm in Stupava – A “moo-moo” Here, and a “moo-moo” There

It’s no secret that children of all ages are attracted to animals and birds, especially when they are in such a close distance for their little fingers to touch. And is also not something we can deny, that there are multiple benefits for kids to visit farms and their petting zoo.

Maybe you already know a good location or maybe you are in search of a nice place to take your child or children to see and hear how a real sheep does “bee-bee”. So here is our recommendation for a nice spring walk, during a sunny day: Bio Farma Priroda Stupava.

♥ How to Get There?

You can get there by car, following the main national road passing through Stupava, and turning right when you see a wooden sign on the side of the road. This secondary road is a narrow forest path and you will need to slow down and pay attention to the holes on the path. Follow this road and you will get to your destination in approx 4-5 min. Parking is possible on site, just follow local instructions.


In case you like to walk, choose the nature trail from Stupava. It starts at the Center of Stupava (you can get here by bus or car), it has 9 stops with an estimated walking time of about 60 minutes for pedestrians, for families with children 115 minutes, 25 minutes for cyclists, and with a pram aside about 75 minutes.

Feel free to check their official website here, for more location details:

♥ The Location

So you are there, what now? I hope you will be pleasantly surprised about the old forest surrounding the farm, the free entrance and kids friendly location. And yes, you can even enjoy a good meal at the restaurant with Slovak traditional food, like bryndzové halušky. Let’s take it one by one…


♥ The Restaurant Koliba

It serves typical Slovak food like bryndzové halušky and pyrohy, and has a 60 people total capacity. During the summer months, it also offers an open air terrace to enjoy the food. You can reserve your place at the restaurant only during the week days, so don’t hesitate to call them in case you want to make sure your place is reserved. Opening hours are till late 21:00 (during summer months) and 19:00 (in the winter months).


♥ The Bakery

Don’t you just love the smell and taste of freshly prepared bread? You can find it here, at the local bakery, together with freshly baked cakes, sheep cheese, korbáčiky and famous Slovak bryndza.  It is open till 18:00 during summer months.

♥ The Farm and The Animals

Our little daughter just loves to go to BioFarma and start a chat with the sheep there – and we also enjoy our time every time we visit the location. The animals are well taken care of ,and kept in large open areas. As you enter the farm, you will be welcomed by a cute pony named Durko. He seems very friendly and eager to enjoy all the touches of the happy kids around him. Even this seems to be his friendly attitude, we always keep a safe distance and follow the advice of the caregivers in the farm: even cute little Durko can bite.

Pony BioFarma.jpg

Pony Durko

Moving on, you will find an areal full of ducks, geese, roosters, chickens. Is the best place to practice with your toddler how does the goose do? They are always cute to watch when they prepare for sleeping and stand on only one leg.

But as always, our daughter is always eager to meet the sheep and little lambs, more than 100 of them. Especially when the sheep are out of the stall and ready to go for their daily walk on the local fields. They are very friendly and children and adults can pet them freely. Besides them, you can also see there cows, pigs, horses and a wild boar. Perfect to practice all the animal sounds and show how a real life pretty cow looks like, besides the usual baby books.


♥ Kids Playground

And if checking out all these animals is not enough for your toddler, then try out the kids playground, with slides, swings and a sandbox, for everybody to play.


Overall, BioFarma is a perfect place for a nice sunny day walk and a family meal. And in case you are still not sure it is worth the long drive there, here are just some things to consider:

  1. Visiting farms and identifying animals when they are standing in front of your child, helps them in developing their vocabulary and encourage them to speak. From this moment on, your child might find a picture book more interesting, as he has now a clear 3D picture in his head with the real life animal and a different understanding of the world around them.
  2. Touching that fluffy rabbit, playing with the grass and feeling the wooly sheep are all experiences that help your child understand the world. Imagine all the smells your child will encounter at the farm: from the animals, grass, flowers, food… everything there is a new experience, a new combination to a new world.
  3. Help them love nature! Help your child understand where his food comes from, how plants grow, how people help in the process. Get creative and let your child see the wonderful natural processes happening around him. Let them play and enjoy the fun at a farm.

Let us know how much you liked BioFarma in Stupava.

—An article by Doina Hrozany—

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