Routes and Tips for Family Bike Rides in Bratislava Area

We all had our hobbies and favorite things to do before pregnancy. And gradually, as our kids are growing, we try to come back to our lovely activities.

My husband and I used to like riding bikes, and we were looking forward to the time when we could enjoy our bikes altogether. So here we go. We bought all necessary equipment and started our adventures: a little helmet, a wind jacket and a back seat for our son.

First, we started from a trial short journey around the Lake Senec (Senecké Jazero). The test ride was passed successfully, he looked around with interest. After that we decided to continue with longest ride. Bratislava region is rich with the bike roads. There are 40 cycling paths with total length of 700 km. The most popular are Moravská and Dunajská, which are considered to be international. Another famous are Záhorská and Malokarpatská.

I am listing below some routes and tips for riding a bike in Bratislava area. Hope you will try some of them.

♥ Čunovo, Water Sports Center Divoká Voda

Starting point:

There are several places where to start the trip. For a longer trip with around 36 km to Čunovo and back, you can park near the Bridge Starý Most in Petržalka. Another shorter option, 28 km is to park nearby Antolska Hospital, its path joins Dunajská Hradza or you can park near the Café Flinstones 2, it’s exactly at the side of Hradza. You can easily find it in google maps.

Trip and Tips:

The road is separated for roller blades and bikes, what makes the ride more comfortable and safe. There are several cafeterias on the way, just stop and rest or have a snack. A lake is right on the way, so when the weather is hot, it is nice to take a break and go for swimming or just relax your body.

When you will get to the destination point at Divoká Voda, you can park your bike, and try some water sports like rafting, canoeing or surfing. Kids as well, have option to play in a nice playground, it’s good for them to move a little after sitting on the bike, and be ready for the way back.

Areál Divoká Voda offers daily menu or ala carte. The areal is famous for its international water sports competitions. Here you can have a proper rest before going back to the parking place. If you bike a little bit farther, there is a Museum of Modern Art Danubiana, which located on the peninsula.

Well, this can be a day trip with a lot of fun and entertainment.

♥ Magio Beach

Starting point:

You can park at the same Café Flinstones 2 and move to the city direction – the whole distance there and back is around 8-10 km – or just go there from the city as it is well-connected with the new bridge, perfectly equipped with the cycling path.

Trip and Tips:

The way by Dunajska Hradza is not so long. This ride and the whole trip can be relaxing as the destination point is a nice beach with clean sand and all necessary staff for sunbathing. There is a lot of possibilities for rest and fun at Magio Beach.

The beach opens in June and offers a range of activities, like yoga, zumba, sport training. Or you can have a rest on the sunbed with a cocktail while your child is having fun at Kids Point.

♥ Hamuliakovo

Starting point:

Parking place can be at the Restaurant Marina nearby the Refinery Slovnaft or near Prístavný Bridge at the parking lot of  U Lodnika Restaurant. This longer round trip is about 36 km. For shorter option you can park near the restaurants Flinstones and Jamaica.

Trip and Tips:

This path is going to be by the left side of Danube River. There are cafes on the way, where you could have a refreshment a some rest, and a windsurfing club, where you can enjoy with the sight of windsurfers.

When you reach Hamuliakovo there is a nice place serving food, Bufet pri hrádzi. A nice playground with trampoline is also waiting for active kids to have some fun.

Marina Cafe is also a very good option with a great view – a cafeteria floating on the Danube. Stop by and restore your energy.

♥ Devin Castle

Starting point:

For a longer – 38 km round trip – you can park the car in Zohor Village on Cintorinska, or Obchodna street. It is exactly nearby Záhorská cycling path. To find the cycling road, just bike always ahead, on the following streets: Námestie Mládeže, Námestie 1. Maja and Bratislavská.

After you will leave the village, the straight path will change into a small side road and then into the cycling path, just follow the marked sign C.

A shorter option would be from Devínska Nová Ves – 13 km. There are places for parking on street Na Mýte, which directly connects to the cycling path, or you can leave your car on the parking lot nearby Istrijská street.

Trip and Tips:

This road leads through the beautiful fields and forests, along Morava River. Once we saw there a deer, and if you will be lucky you will see the beavers on the river. I am always amazed with the nature in Slovakia, every bike or hiking trip brings new precious moments and sometimes the photo shots of the wild life.

This cycling path is not so full of restaurants and cafes, but somewhere in the middle way you will see the Café U Starého Bycikla.  Tables outside in the shade are waiting for cyclists, stop by and chill next to a cold drink.

Next stop can be done at Gril Bar Tenis, exactly on Na Mýte street. After the rest, for a nice view, you can climb with your bike on the bridge Most Slobody or as they say, Chuck Norris Bridge. It connects Slovakia with Austria and leads to the Schlosshof Palace.

Next point on this route would be Devin Castle where you can have a lunch, entertain your kids on the playground or visit a mini farm. There is a pony ride at your disposition, your kids would definitely not be bored. Biking farther ahead  by Danube river, you will see a pier and there will be another restaurant in case you are looking fir more lunch options.

If you are a wine lover, you can find and buy vine of Devin region made from blackcurrant, worth a try.

There is a big parking lot under the Devin Castle, as an alternative you can park there and have a trip to both sides Bratislava or Zohor.

I would not recommend much cycling from this point, just because the part of the road is heading to the main road where are cars and it’s quite narrow. I am a little scared to go like this especially with our son.

♥ Slnečné Jazerá in Senec

Starting point:

Driving by Śtúrova street in Senec, you will find a big parking lot outside and inside of the area near the auto camping. The whole circle around the lake is about 6 km.

Trip and Tips:

We started our cycling experience exactly here. The area is full of restaurants and playgrounds, and a nice mini zoo in summer.

You can sunbathe and swim. This can be a day trip with a lot of activities.

Some advises from our experience of biking with a child:

  1. Avoid windy days and if your little one accepts the sunglasses, better to use them to protect tender eyes from the wind.
  2. Put on jacket against wind. Since your child is just sitting, it can be cold even in sunny days.
  3. Our son always fell asleep on the way, so it’s good to try a special child’s pillow for neck.
  4. Don’t forget to make the breaks and walk and play a little during the longer rides.

What are your favorite bike trips? Share your experience cycling with kids.

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