Family Biking From a Castle to a Palace – Bike Route From Devin to Schloss Hof

If you live in Bratislava you already know that Slovaks most loved outdoor activity is biking (alternatively, hiking ), and even if they live in the Slovak capital, this will not stop the Slovaks from taking their families to a bicycle ride in the crowded city, parks, forests or along Danube.

Because bikers are so popular, car drivers pays a special attention and respect them a lot in traffic. So don’t be afraid to start biking in the city or parks – you will be protected. All what you need is to get proper equipment for you and your family members.

I was never a fan of biking, moreover, I went on a bicycle first time just two years ago. It might be funny but this is the truth even though my husband was a professional biking performer and I should have been maybe more into the subject, but well, never is too late.

Anyhow, seems by living between people who loves biking becomes contagious.

Therefore, here we go sharing our favorite family route. Your children will love it as it combines fairy-like with reality.

The route is not boring at all and and I am going to explain why:

♥ Biking itself is something that you definitely don’t do daily and for your child might be very new and attractive activity. My daughter just love wearing her helmet and she is always associating it with biking;

♥ You will bike from a Castle to a Palace, Devin Castle and Schloss Hof Palace, which is awesome. Worth trying it – there are not many routes like this.

♥ You will cross two countries, Slovakia and Austria. How does this sound? All by bike.


♥ Route is so complex, just imagine all these on your way: Devin Castle, Danube River, forest, swamp, playgrounds, beer terrace, Tarzania climbing trees, pedestrian and cycling bridge, Schloss Hof Palace with its garden and farm and a great restaurants at your return – All these on the same route!

♥ You may wonder how the route length is, but there is absolutely no reason to worry about, because the route length is just sufficient for the patience of a baby or toddler seated in a bike chair. There are only 14 km for the full route.

Now let’s just take it step by step:

♥ Parking and Start Point

The whole route without stops will take you no longer than an hour. If you want a full day out it would be a great idea to stop and take a look at Devin Castle.


We usually park where we start the route – there is a free parking place on Hutnícka Street 934/2, Devín.

♥ The Route

As shortly described above, route itself is like piece from fairies. Slowly take the route along riverside, enter the forest and enjoy the view and the smell of the energized nature. The swamp it may seems scary but the landscape is very nice.

The path is not perfectly smooth, thus you will feel some bumps here and there. It will be fun trying to avoid them. For some children those can bring them into the sleeping mode. Oh yes, sleeping on the bike is possible. My daughter often fell asleep on the bike and my husband is doing the job to keep her head on his palm while biking…


♥ Playground

Just before crossing the bridge and entering Austria, is a playground where kids can stretch their legs and have some fun. There is also a bunker ready to be explored, just dare to enter.


♥ Beer Terrace

Very close to the playground is a beer terrace where most of the bikers take a break and enjoy a cold beer in the shade. Some people are making barbecue just next to the bar and you may think that there is good, fresh food to buy, but actually is not. We enjoyed the smell though.

WhatsApp Image 2017-06-06 at 14.20.07(1)

♥ Tarzania, Climbing Trees

Opposite to the beer terrace, bigger kids can enjoy Tarzania, a place for climbing trees. For more details check out their official webpage here. It looks like great fun.


♥ The Bridge

Maybe you think is a normal bridge but in fact is not. The bridge unites Slovakia with Austria and it has special design. A pleasure for bikers to ride it, but not me.

It has two high slopes – Ok, high for me. My husband is just whispering that they were small slopes. You guys go and decide its size.


♥ Schloss Hof Palace

You are about to be at your middle route. Just 7 km biking from Devin Castle  is Schloss Hof Palace. We usually book half day to visit it. Is is great for children because except the palace, there is also a farm and a garden open for  its little guests. Just consider your arrival time as they usually close the gates at 6pm.

Always check their website. Most likely you will find yourself in the middle of a great event that they often organize. Event calendar at your disposal here.

No worries about your bike. They are well equipped and just before entering, you will find the bicycles safe parking.


♥ Restaurant

After all these stops, way back becomes smoothly if you don’t stop, and if you’ll feel hungry, we can recommend you U Srnčíka Restaurant which serves very good food. Actually I must admit that here we ate the best bryndzové halušky – a traditional Slovak meal – sheep cheese gnocchi with fried bacon.

This is not 5* restaurant but is very cozy, clean, with outdoor and indoor play corners for kids, and a food menu special created for little ones.

Basically all that matters!


If you decide to try our favorite route, do not forget to leave us your feedback, here in comments .

2 thoughts on “Family Biking From a Castle to a Palace – Bike Route From Devin to Schloss Hof

  1. Victoria Cherepova says:

    Great route! We rode to Schloss Hof and it was amazing, just visiting other country with its beautiful palace and zoo. Ater we finished our trip Lukas tried to ride a pony under the Devin castle, well it was adventurous day! Thank you for sharing


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