Happy Mom, Happy Family – How Moms Can Take Care Of Themselves

If the mother is HAPPY – the whole family is happy.

Think about it … it’s true. We have this “power” to influence our family’s mood, so why shouldn’t we start by doing something for ourselves?

Sounds easy, right?

Well, In my opinion it is quite difficult, especially when you are a mother and you constantly need to take care of so many things like:

  • feeding the baby/kid, entertaining the little one – it can be a “Duracell” one and after 20 minutes you can feel like after a Zumba class;
  • trying to keep the house at a decent level of cleanness – hands-up who vacuumed the house while baby wearing;
  • taking the baby/kid outside for fresh air – we all know that preparing for a walk can be a true challenge;
  • cooking something for the family, spending quality time with the husband – essential for the entire family;

…and abracadabra the day is gone! It is gone in a nice and good way, of course, because you are raising your child and you are mesmerized with everything that she/he is doing, admiring her/him during their sleep, comforting and kissing all the time this little beautiful baby who is growing up too fast, right?

But, I think that during all this period we forget a very important thing, and that is taking care more of ourselves. And here I am not thinking only about having a good relaxing bath or a movie evening with your husband, or a nice coffee meeting with your best friend. These are mandatory for our sanity.

I am referring now to something a bit more than this, to do something extra, something completely new for you, to get out of your comfort zone. I know raising a child is far from being in a comfort zone but try to think about yourself only for a while – and no, you are not selfish if you do this – this was the main challenge for me also.


I will give you a short list of my suggestions, but each of you knows better what makes you HAPPY, it is important to try something new and  to try to disconnect and focus only on this activity that you are doing. It can be anything: chess, gardening, climbing, squash, photography etc.

♥ Running

Running – Makes you happy, releases stress, fresh air, burn calories etc.

I always thought I can’t run and felt exhausted on each attempt of running, but when my dear husband decided to become a more active person I really noticed on him the benefits of running so I said I could give it a try… and there I was… out of my comfort zone, keep running even though I felt I couldn’t  and of course I could do it and now I really love it. I love to participate in races – 11 km is the longest one I did but I have bigger plans – because the atmosphere there is amazing and with each medal I feel prouder of myself;

♥ Painting, Drawing, Coloring

Painting, drawing or coloring book for adults – Makes you happy, improves creativity and memory, increases the self-esteem etc.

I confess that I am zero talented but still I love to paint and it makes me happy each time I’m playing with colors. As my inspiration is also pretty low I always have a look on Pinterest for some nice easy paintings;

♥ Yoga, Pilates, Meditation

Yoga, Pilates or Meditation – Appreciate life more, improves functioning of your brain, increases immunity, stress relief etc.

I always thought this is not for me, but once I tried it I really enjoyed it. I prefer to do it at home in the morning using some YouTube videos for Yoga and for Pilates, they are approx 30 min. long and I think they are very efficient for both mind and body. For meditation, now I use an app called Headspace (10 mins) but there are also a lot of good channels on YouTube;

♥ Zumba, Aerobic, Fitness

Zumba, Aerobic or Fitness or any class that you like – Stay fit, have fun, release stress etc.

I have started to go to Zumba once in a week because I like to dance and it makes me so happy;

♥ Learn a Foreign Language

Learn a foreign language, whatever level you desire – Boosts brain power, improves memory, help in your career– either improving a language you already know, either learning a brand new one , it is important to dedicate some time for this activity also.

il_340x270.1087009670_868d.jpgYou would say that you don’t have time for this… I know… I have also used this excuse for too long time. I suggest either you wake up 30 minutes earlier to do any of your new favorite activity, either ask your husband to spend 1 h with the child – they will understand and support you, because the benefits of a relaxed mother will also “affect” him – or either once the kid is sleeping in the evening.

Even though you think you might feel tired at the beginning, just try it and you we notice the difference.

Have fun and choose to spend your time wisely!

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