Martial Arts: Self Defense for Kids – classes in Bratislava

Brighter Life Center is a beautiful spot located in the very heart of Bratislava!

The center is offering several activities for adults & children and today, they are announcing that an experienced Martial Arts trainer in Self-Defence, Kyudo became part of their team!

Classes integrates the techniques of Self-Defense, Karate and the principles of traditional martial arts. Besides the practice of blocking, kicking, punching or stretching, students learn self-discipline, cooperation and mental resistance.

In addition, the kids training is accompanied by games and activities in a playful way which teaches children discipline, concentration, respect, to refine their reflexes, improve their body condition, skills and help to build healthy self-confidence and goal-setting.


Classes of Self-Defence are led in mutual respect what creates trust between the instructor and the students. They integrate the development of body, mind and soul.

Time, location, registration contact are all below:

Every Tuesday 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Location: Brighter Life Center, Hurbanovo námestie 5
Instructor: Ivana Strelcova
Martial Arts – Kenpo Karate Black Belt 1.Dan & Kyudo 3.Kyu

Ivana Strelcova

Give us your feedback about this self defense class, other parents would love to know from your experience.

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