Applying for a State Kindergarten in Slovakia

State kindergartens can be a good alternative to the private ones.

First of all it is cheaper and in many cases the quality of childcare and activities there is not worse. It depends of course on the teachers and their approach.

If you decide for a state kindergarten be aware that they are taking the kids from 3 years only. Ideally the child should complete 3 years before the beginning of a school year. There are also nurseries (“jasle” in Slovak), where the kinds are usually accepted from the age of 18 months.

Each district or city area has a number of kindergartens. You have the most chances to be accepted to the kindergarten from the area where you have your permanent or temporal address. But if there are free places, the kindergarten from the other areas can also take your child. You can search for the kindergartens in your area in the official sites for the local municipality office or you can find the list of the state kindergartens by the area of Bratislava here.


The applications for each school year are accepted during the application period. The dates may vary from area to area, but usually it’s first or second week of May. You may also apply during the year, however the chances that there will be any free places are low. The information about the application process is published on the webpage of each kindergarten.

You’ll need to print out an application form. Besides the standard information about the child and parents, the form also contains a part for doctor’s confirmation. You need to have the doctor’s confirmation for each of the applications you submit. Normally your pediatrician would sign this confirmation.

Besides of the application form you also need a copy of your child birth certificate and also your ID with the address in Slovakia.

Most of the kindergartens require to submit the application in person together with the child. I personally think it’s a good thing, as it allows you to see the facilities and to the child to have some short interactions with the staff there.

The kindergartens are prioritizing children in the last year before school and those whose siblings already attend this kindergarten. The rest are accepted depending of the number of free places.

The parents are informed about the decision in written, usually delivered by post, in June – July.

I hope you found this information helpful. Share your thoughts about pre-school education in Slovakia.

2 thoughts on “Applying for a State Kindergarten in Slovakia

  1. Claudia Marin says:

    Elena, I must admit that I am a big fan of your articles. I think your writing style is great and the titles that you pick are like ‘reading minds’ as the subject seems to be something that every parents are seeking answers for.

    Congratulations! I am very proud 🙂

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