21 Amazing Benefits That Will Make You Want To Wear Your Baby by Jenny Silverstone

This is not an usual article that MommyAbroad publishes. ’21 Amazing Benefits That Will Make You Want To Wear Your Baby’ is a title that I decided to republish due to the great credit and focus to babywearing.

We all heard how important is to wear our babies and I do not doubt that Moms around the world are speaking the same language when it comes to this routine.

To prove that I am linking this post to a great article written by Jenny Silverstone, a Mommy who is blogging for Mom Loves Best – certainly one of the most useful and well structured article I ever read, especially because of the beautiful Infographic she created for all Moms and for all those interested in babywearing.

Infografic by Jenny Silverstone


This is not all!

If you want to get reach in information and prepare yourself for babywearing, I think you should visit her website and read the entire article because there are much more to know. From the introduction to babywearing,  the infographic, the benefits for everybody, whether they are babies, moms or dads, or the myths of babywearing, these are all together, easy to read all in one piece.

Thank you Jenny for reaching out, I am happy to share this with all people reading us. I really believe that the time you have invested in putting all these information together can be considered as a gift for us all.

….and the infographic is such a knowledge treasure!

Article: ’21 Amazing Benefits That Will Make You Want To Wear Your Baby’

Web: Mom Loves Best

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