Join Abbie and Her Artistic Workshop for Halloween – Options Fits Everyone!

♥ Who is Abbie

Abbie is I’m a professional artist and illustrator originally from the U.K. Abbie’s Art Attic, in Bratislava is not only her art studio where she is creating her own artworks and illustrations but also where she holds classes, art camps and art workshops for children and adults.

♥ A little from her classes

All classes are in English and students are of all ages and abilities. Children from many of the international schools attend the after school clubs and camps giving them an opportunity to meet other English speaking friends here in Bratislava.

♥ Workshops

MOM AND ME PAINTING MORNINGS – are held regularly for groups of mothers with their toddlers to enjoy their first experiences with paints and colors, as well as a chance for mothers to meet others mums with young children of a similar age here in Bratislava.

AFTER SCHOOL ART CLUBS  lightly older children can attend the after school art clubs and also the very successful Easter, summer and Halloween art camps that take place during the main school holidays.

Right now, we are inviting you to join her famous coming up workshop, the HALLOWEEN CAMP for bigger kids is approaching just in few days from now.

If you are convinced to enroll your bigger child in her panting workshop, check out the leaflet below and book your spot:


PROSECCO AND PAINTING EVENINGS – for mothers who’d like to maybe try their hand at painting and escape for a few hours, private classes can be held for a few adults at a time to try painting a canvas and learn a new skill.

Prosecco and painting evenings are also always a fun way to relax and try a bit of painting with some friends and enjoy some child free time to enjoy yourself. Prosecco and painting evenings can be booked in advance for birthdays or special occasions at The Art Attic.

For more details, pictures and information have a look at her Facebook page here.
or visit her official website.

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