We’ve found through our experience that the migration of people chasing a better job or a better life or simply a happier feature has given birth to a phenomena. We, the moms, are no longer giving birth to our children in the nest of our ancestors. We are expats. We are moms abroad the frontiers.

Many things are different here, abroad, rather than there, what we once called home.

Now, home is here – where ever that may be for each of us.

Mommy Abroad Groups aim to provide help and support through useful information to other Mommies like ourselves.

Short story:


Claudia Marin

MommyAbroad was founded for the first time by Claudia Marin, a Mom to be with her first child, in Bratislava, Slovakia on 21st August 2015.

“I was looking for Moms like me, and tried to build at first, for myself and my daughter, a good raising environment. We are a very friendly family and I couldn’t imagine myself or my daughter being all day at home. Needed to find a way to interact with Moms and kids, and being involved in different types of activities.

Afterwards, I found myself in a project that was never on my wishlist. MommyAbroad grew in a very natural way and had no goal except connecting people with same interest.  Is great to see so many satisfied Moms.

Now is not just me. Now I work for all of our Moms. We are supporting each other a lot and we are in touch daily. I think, in regards of friendships,  MommyAbroad has changed in good, the lives of many expat Moms.

I am always saying that MommyAbroad would never had been this warm, cozy, supportive and trustful place without the contribution of all our Expat Moms. 

I feel grateful for meeting them all, and having them now, part of our life.

Thank you dear Moms, dear Friends!”

Claudia Marin

Where are we located:

We are currently supporting 3 countries in Central Eastern Europe: Slovakia, Czech Republic and Romania.

Our groups of Moms are physically located in Bratislava, Prague and Bucharest.

Let us know if you are in one of these cities or planning to move there. We are looking forward to introducing you to our local group of Expat Moms and supporting you throughout your whole stay.

Who are our visitors:

Even thought MommyAbroad is a platform designed for Moms living abroad, anyone interested in parenting or in traveling with kids, can reap the benefits of the information in this great pathway.

What are the MommyAbroad benefits:

We are offering our visitors a wide range of services ranging from information on child-related services, hospitals, kindergartens, kids friendly restaurants and coffee shops , family activities, shops, family holidays, and many more, to useful and practical parenting articles written directly by our local Expat Moms.

Our Articles are written by our Expat Moms Editors and are based on our own experiences as Moms.

We have previously used the services of child-friendly locations that we write about.

MommyAbroad also provides:

  • All information you may need to know about your new hometown.
  • Integration support by answering your questions.
  • A welcoming network of local Expat Moms.
  • Events for Moms to be, Moms with babies/toddlers/bigger kids, events just for Moms, for their well being or for whole family and many other seasonal events.
  • Interactive contests.

How to efficiently use MommyAbroad:

We strongly encourage you to address your questions under comments, bellow each article that relates to your query.

MommyAbroad is the place where all your questions gets answered.


MommyAbroad is still under construction and for the moment you may not find all necessary information. Please be patient.

Thank you for visiting us!