I have been in Bratislava for two years and my daughter is now 11 month-old. It was very nice to join MommyAbroad when I was pregnant. Being pregnant for the first time in a new city is not easy (not to mention the language barrier), luckily I joined the group by chance. I felt more relaxed whenever I ask a question, because there are always people to help and give useful answers. People in the group are always friendly and helpful. We meet, have fun together and share information. We are not like the usual groups on Facebook, we are more like friends, a big family. I am a little bit sad about not being in most of the events because my daughter’s unstable routine schedule but hopefully in the future she will have a better schedule so we can meet other mommies and kids more often. At last, I really want to say again, Thank you Claudia! You did a great job and still doing it! Thanks for creating the group and managing it so nicely!

♥ MommyAbroad in Bratislava ♥

May from China