I am a first time mom and my son is now 4.5 months. When I was pregnant the first thing my best friend told me was ‘You need to be part of MommyAbroad, you will learn a lot from other moms and they communicate in English’. And after I joined I can say that I am really thankful to be part of this lovely community. Before, mommy topics seemed so complicated and big deal, but after having discussion with other experienced moms in the group on some doubts I have, I feel so much relief. This is because the advice I received from a group is very honest, simple and practical which really put me at ease. All moms here are super cool and super helpful. I would surely recommend MommyAbroad to anyone. Ia a great place to make friends,  a trusted group.

♥ MommyAbroad in Bratislava ♥

Waranya from Thailand