I first joined MommyAbroad while still traveling abroad for a year, with my newborn baby. She was about 6 months old and up until that point, there really was no support for moms in Bratislava that I found, nor any similar group. When my friend told me about this one starting up, I was eager to … Continue reading Yana from U.S.

Yana from U.S.

I have been living in Bratislava for 2,5 years now and my son is 4,5 months old. I was recommended this group by an expat friend of mine. My first meeting was when I was still pregnant, so this is one of the things I appreciate about it: you do not have to have kids … Continue reading Anca from Romania

Anca from Romania

The best part of being MommyAbroad member is spending time with my son, others Moms and their children. Kids have fun and we can exchange our experience, doubts in very friendly atmosphere. I love this community! ♥ MommyAbroad in Bratislava ♥

Sabina from Poland

MommyAbroad is simply amazing! Much more than a social networking group. Since joining the group, about one year ago, I got the chance to gain a lot of knowledge, share my experiences, address questions and concerns and nonetheless meet wonderful moms and women! It’s absolutely amazing to have the opportunity to be part of such … Continue reading Cristina from Romania

Cristina from Romania

I am a first time mom and my son is now 4.5 months. When I was pregnant the first thing my best friend told me was ‘You need to be part of MommyAbroad, you will learn a lot from other moms and they communicate in English’. And after I joined I can say that I … Continue reading Waranya from Thailand

Waranya from Thailand

It’s a great and vivid community of foreign moms living in Slovakia. You can always count here on support, a good advice or just a great time spent together with kids or moms only. I simply love being part of MommyAbroad! ♥ MommyAbroad in Bratislava ♥

Elena from Ukraine

I have been in Bratislava for two years and my daughter is now 11 month-old. It was very nice to join MommyAbroad when I was pregnant. Being pregnant for the first time in a new city is not easy (not to mention the language barrier), luckily I joined the group by chance. I felt more … Continue reading May from China

May from China

I am actually not a fan of Facebook or any other virtual social networks. However, since I found MommyAbroad group I started using Facebook more. Almost every day I check the statuses or questions from other moms in this group and I have found them to be very useful. We all share common interests as … Continue reading Adela from Albania

Adela from Albania

I am very grateful for being a part of this group. A lot of useful information have been shared in between the mommies, play dates have been organised and personally, I’m very proud to have met some of the most interesting and strong women I know (I dare to call them friends) here. So thank … Continue reading Ramona from Romania

Ramona from Romania